Ngoc Vung Beach

Ngoc Vung Beach

Ngoc Vung is one of the offshore beach which is still kept pristine and unspoilt. Situated to the south of Ngoc Vung Island, some 34 km southeast of the tourist boat wharf, this beach boasts clear waters all year round.
Its 3-km sandy stretch sparkles in the sunlight. Apart from swimming and sightseeing, tourists can also enjoy fresh delicious seafood supplied by local fishermen.

Ngoc Vung, or Gem Island, is a pretty site sitting between the Net Islet and Phuong Hoang (Phoenix) Island, in the Van Don District. Being a soil island with the area of 12 square kilometers, surrounded with fabulous beaches, the island has an ancient quay named Cong Yen, a member of ancient system of trading ports, Van Don from the 11th century; relic of ancient citadel under Mac dynasty and Nguyen dynasty.

To the East of the island, there is a purely white sand-bank of several kilometers, stretching out to the pier. At the centre is a luxuriant benjamin fig tree; it was under this tree that Ho Chi Minh stood and conversed with the population in 1962 during a visit.

To the South of the island is Ngoc Vung beach with 3km sand bank glistening in the sunlight. Tourists may bathe, go sightseeing, and even play with local kids, together catch “cong gio”, a kind of small but fast crabs on the beach.

This island suits unprofessional tours with well-bathing, collective sleep since it has not developed many services. At night, in a peaceful space with cool wind, it would be ideal to hold camp-fires, grill fish, enjoy sea-food, sing and dance.

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Formerly, under the feudal dynasties, this island zone contained a great quantity of rare and precious species of mother-of-pearls. At night, fluorescent pearls would light up the whole region. So there are several islands having name “Ngoc” (pearl) such as Ngoc Vung (dazzling pearl), Minh Chau (light pearl), etc…

Visitors to the island will enjoy fresh and delicious seafood which are caught or reared by the locals and sold at a reasonable price. Tu hai (mollusca family), oyster, lobster and sandworm (Spunculoideas) are specialties of the island.

Due to the blissful surroundings, tourists say that a day on the island passes quickly and many want to stay longer on the island to enjoy the magnificent masterpieces bestowed by nature./.


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